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P13G+ (V1.0)
Socket LGA775 and FSB800/DDR 400 MB
P13G+ (V1.0)
P13G is one of the most advance and unique modules of PCCHIPS production. It can also support the latest Intel Pentium 4/Celeron D, up to 800MHz FSB, DDR 400, 8 USB2.0 ports and 2 Serial ATA for future technology. With Microsoft WHQL Certification, all these advance supports, we believe your computer can run with best performance and bring you the great value and enjoyment.
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FSB 800 (P4)
Supports the latest 800MHz front side bus Intel Pentium 4 CPU
Dual DDR-400
Dual Channle DDR 400 provee doble bandwith del sistema hasta 6.4GB/s y incrementa el rendimiento del sistema
10/100 LAN
Provides 10/100 Mbps solution to your network or broadband connection without having to buy an extra LAN card
Serial ATA es la especificación de la siguiente generación de ATA para proporcionar un funcionamiento superior. Con velocidad de transferencia de datos de 150MB/s, Serial ATA es más rápido que el ATA paralelo actual, y este proporciona la compatibilidad 100% del software
USB 2.0
USB 2.0 is the latest connectivity standard which delivers transfer speeds up to 480Mb/s for easy connectivity and ultra-fast data transfers
6-Channel Audio
Onboard 6-channel audio CODEC supports uncompromising DVD audio quality, bringing a more vivid sound experience and high-quality 6-channel audio without having to buy advanced sound cards
Supports Ultra DMA 33/66/100 IDE devices, data transfer rate up to 100MB/s
Color Map
Color-coded pin headers and slots make it easy to match plug that plugs with cables without checking the silk screen for installation instructions