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PCCHIPS Introduces a Full Line-up of Motherboards with Exclusive Support for Dual Graphic Engines

PCCHIPS now offers a complete product line supporting new Dual Graphic Engine technology.

PCCHIPS T18, M909G, M985G and M981G motherboards all incorporate Dual Graphic Engines, an exclusive innovation that helps users to solve the dilemma of choosing between the mainstream AGP8X and the new technology PCI-Express x16.

What is Dual Graphic Engines technology?
Dual Graphic Engines, a PCCHIPS smart design feature, enables two graphics cards to work together to generate Dual Graphic Engines in 3D graphics and, at the same time, enables support for up to quad-display. Dual Graphic Engines enables the connection of a second monitor, increasing user productivity by expanding the desktop area for multitasking. With the expanded desktop, a user can simultaneously work on more than one task by moving items from one monitor to another or stretching a single screen across two monitors.

   Dual Graphic Engines Features

  • Fully utilize the existing graphic engine (VGA card or the embedded graphic engine)
  • Dual 3D engines can be worked simultaneously
  • More data can be read at the same cost
  • Dual Graphic Engines can support up to four displays simultaneously
  • Break through the bottleneck for dual display of 3D graphics

The PCCHIPS T18 is based on Intel 915P and ICH6 chipsets. It supports Intel Pentium 4 LGA775 processors up to 800MHz FSB, adopting dual-channel DDR and DDR2 memory architecture.  With AGPro, the T18 offers a wide range of choice to users for selecting AGP8X or PCI-E VGA cards. Better yet, users can upgrade to experience Dual Graphic Engines, employing both AGP8X and PCI-Ex16 VGA cards.

The PCCHIPS M985G is based on the Intel 915GV and ICH6 chipsets. Like the 915G and 915GV the PCCHIPS M985G embeds third generation Intel Graphics with GMA900, which supports widescreen LCD displays and accelerated DirectX9. It supports Intel Pentium 4 LGA775 processors up to 800MHz FSB, adopting dual-channel DDR and DDR2 memory architecture. PCCHIPS has enhanced its original design to support PCI-E Pro. With thenew design, PCCHIPS’s PCI-E x16 slot can not only upgrade the expansion of PCI-E x16 graphic card, but also supports the multi-display function.

PCCHIPS M981G is based on the Intel 865GV and ICH5 chipsets. It supports Intel Pentium 4 socket 478 processors up to 800MHz FSB, dual channel DDR400, AGPro, 8 USB 2.0 ports and SATA for future technology. The original Intel 865GV did not support the AGP8X slot; however, with PCCHIPS’s advanced AGPro technology, the M981G implements an extra AGP slot to provide users with diverse choices for enjoying the multi-display function.

The PCCHIPS M909G is based on Intel 845GV and ICH4 chipsets. It supports Intel Pentium 4 socket 478 processors up to 533MHz FSB and adopts DDR333 architecture. With on-board VGA, the M909G is also equipped with PCCHIPS’s patent pending AGPro design. A breakthrough technology to enhance the 845GV chipset’s original design to enable M909G’s support for external AGP8X graphic cards, AGPro design offers users more choices on VGA selection.

Employing the PCI Express interface, the PCI-E Pro’s innovative design can not only upgrade the expansion of PCI-Ex16 graphic card, but also support the Multi-Display function. With PCCHIPS’s advanced technology, our motherboards overcome design limitations to support the PCI-E x16 slot. Thus, the Dual Graphic Engine motherboard delivers dramatic efficiency, productivity and usability benefits.

AGPro is a unique design f