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LAN Driver
Driver Name VIA VT823x onboard LAN driver
Version v3.6
Release Date 2004/10/14
Update Description
Special Note
File Size 3.87MB
Support O.S Windows 98 / Windows ME / Windows 2000 / Windows XP ; Linux
Download Site Taiwan China 

IDE Driver
Driver Name VIA IDE Driver
Version v4.53
Release Date 2004/10/06
Update Description
Special Note
File Size 1.33MB
Support O.S Windows 98SE ; Windows Me ; Windows 2000 ; Windows XP ; Windows NT 4.0
Download Site Taiwan China 

BIOSName BIOS for M925G V8.0 / M925G V9.1b / M925ALU V7.0
Version 050510s
Release Date 2005/05/16
Update Description file name: 050510S.rom
check sum: D2BFh
release note:
1. Support "F9" key of Gimme function

file name: 041123S.rom
check sum: FA66h
release note:
1. Change AutoRun message to M925G

file name: 040831S.rom
check sum: 0963h
release note:1. Potential Microsoft Windows* XP SP2 Install issue with Prescott C-0 stepping

file name : 040506S.rom
check sum : B282h
release note : 1.Avoid some Super I/O 8705 FDC fail

file name: 040316S.rom
check sum: 6C6Eh
release note: 1. Support Intel Pentium 4 Prescott CPU.

file name: 040216S.rom
file name: 040216S.rom
check sum: 1E93h
release note : 1. First release.
Special Note
File Size 270KB
Download Site Taiwan China 
Flash Utility
Taiwan China 
aminf342.exe  3.42   How To Flash BIOS

Language English Manual for M925ALU V7.0
Version V7.1
Release Date 2005/09/08
Update Description
Special Note
File Size 718KB
Download Site Taiwan China