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  | BIOS | Driver | Manual
VGA Driver
Driver Name SiS Compatible VGA display driver
Version v3.80
Release Date 2007/04/16
Update Description
Special Note CD S-1.50
File Size 17,555KB
Support O.S Windows 2000 ; Windows XP ; Win XP 64bit Edition
Download Site Taiwán China 

Sound Driver
Driver Name SiS 7018 Codec Sound on board driver
Version v1.17
Release Date 2004/07/21
Update Description
Special Note
File Size 7.61MB
Support O.S Todas los Windows
Download Site Taiwán China 

BIOSName BIOS for M810L(PCB:V1.3) / M810L(PCB:V1.6) / M810L(PCB:V3.0) / M810L(PCB:V3.2a) / M810L(PCB:V5.0) / M810L(PCB:V7.0) / M810L(PCB:V7.0a) / M810L(PCB:V7.1) / M810L(PCB:V7.1a)
Version 030808s
Release Date 2003/09/15
Update Description file name:030808S.rom check sum: E75Ah 1.Support AMD Duron CPU 1400,1600,1800
File name:030103S.rom check sum:8384h 1.Support EFST flash part
File name: 020913S.rom check sum: 618Ah 1.Fixed that DC-395U SCSI card can't boot from CDROM.
File name: 020815S.rom check sum: 6A23h 1.Support AMD Athlon XP 2400+ and 2600+.
File name: 020806S.rom check sum: 56C6h 1.Share memory will change to 8M after removing AGP VGA.
File name: 020507s.rom check sum: 18CAh 1.Fixed that showed wrong character in CPU PnP setup when using AMD Athlon XP 1500+,2000+ CPU
File name: 020415s.rom check sum: 0182h 1.Fixed that showed @ character in CPU PnP setup when using AMD Athlon XP 1500+,1600+ CPU.
File name: 020403s.rom check sum: DCAAh 1.Fixed serial mouse couldn't work properly when USB function for DOS is enable.
File name: 020226s.rom check sum: DD00h 1.Support AMD Athlon XP 2100+ CPU.
File name: 020206s.rom check sum: E754h 1.Support AMD Athlon(Thoroughbred) cpu XP1800 , X
Special Note
File Size 246K
Download Site Taiwán China 
Flash Utility
Taiwán China 
aminf342.exe  3.42   How To Flash BIOS

Language M810v13 \M810Lv13
Version v1.3a
Release Date 2002/12/24
Update Description
Special Note
File Size 567KB
Download Site Taiwán China