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BIOSName BIOS for M925(PCB:V1.1a) / M925L(PCB:V1.1a) / M925L(PCB:V1.3) / M925(PCB:V1.3)
Version 020830s
Release Date 2002/12/26
Update Description file name: 020830S.rom check sum: BB05h 1.Support P4 2.5G & P4 Celeron 2.0G
File name: 020627s.rom check sum: 8E4Ah 1.Fixed PHISON thunb driver can't BOOT.
File name: 020529s.rom check sum: 2A4Bh 1.Fixed one Maxtor HDD (Model:2B010H1) has yellow mark in Win ME/98.
File name: 020515s.rom check sum: A3BEh 1.Updated Microcode(F13h) for P4P 478 Pin E-0 stepping
File name: 020429s.rom check sum: CA1Ah 1.Fixed system can't install Win98-SE Korean version.
File name: 020328s.rom check sum: 16ABh 1.Fixed system hung up when using DC-390U3W SCSI Card. 2.Fixed system hung up when using wheel mouse, USB keyboard (No ps2 keyboard) and restarting from Win98/ME.
File name: 020121s.rom check sum: 0720h 1.Support USB Thumb Drive and add Thumb Drive legacy support in CMOS Setup Menu 2.Fixed sometimes PS/2 mouse can't work. 3.Fixed IDE Raid card (Silicon Image) can't boot.
File name: 011212s.rom check sum: 609Bh 1.Fixed Usb Device Function fail which is chipset Vt8233 I
Special Note
File Size 256K
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