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VGA Driver
Driver Name SiS Compatible VGA display driver
Version v3.80
Release Date 2007/04/16
Update Description
Special Note CD S-1.50
File Size 17,555KB
Support O.S Windows 2000 ; Windows XP ; Win XP 64bit Edition
Download Site Taiwan China 

Sound Driver
Driver Name SiS 7018 Codec Sound on board driver
Version v1.17
Release Date 2004/07/21
Update Description
Special Note
File Size 7.61MB
Support O.S All Windows series
Download Site Taiwan China 

BIOSName BIOS for M810L(PCB:V1.3) / M810L(PCB:V1.6) / M810L(PCB:V3.0) / M810L(PCB:V3.2a) / M810L(PCB:V5.0) / M810L(PCB:V7.0) / M810L(PCB:V7.0a) / M810L(PCB:V7.1) / M810L(PCB:V7.1a)
Version 030808s
Release Date 2003/09/15
Update Description file name:030808S.rom check sum: E75Ah 1.Support AMD Duron CPU 1400,1600,1800
File name:030103S.rom check sum:8384h 1.Support EFST flash part
File name: 020913S.rom check sum: 618Ah 1.Fixed that DC-395U SCSI card can't boot from CDROM.
File name: 020815S.rom check sum: 6A23h 1.Support AMD Athlon XP 2400+ and 2600+.
File name: 020806S.rom check sum: 56C6h 1.Share memory will change to 8M after removing AGP VGA.
File name: 020507s.rom check sum: 18CAh 1.Fixed that showed wrong character in CPU PnP setup when using AMD Athlon XP 1500+,2000+ CPU
File name: 020415s.rom check sum: 0182h 1.Fixed that showed @ character in CPU PnP setup when using AMD Athlon XP 1500+,1600+ CPU.
File name: 020403s.rom check sum: DCAAh 1.Fixed serial mouse couldn't work properly when USB function for DOS is enable.
File name: 020226s.rom check sum: DD00h 1.Support AMD Athlon XP 2100+ CPU.
File name: 020206s.rom check sum: E754h 1.Support AMD Athlon(Thoroughbred) cpu XP1800 , X
Special Note
File Size 246K
Download Site Taiwan China 
Flash Utility
Taiwan China 
aminf342.exe  3.42   How To Flash BIOS

Language M810v70 \M810v70a \M810v50 \M810Lv70 \M810Lv70a \M810Lv50
Version v5.0
Release Date 2002/12/24
Update Description
Special Note
File Size 756KB
Download Site Taiwan China