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CPU Support
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IDE Driver
Driver Name VIA IDE Driver
Version v4.53
Release Date 2004/10/06
Update Description
Special Note
File Size 1.33MB
Support O.S Windows 98SE ; Windows Me ; Windows 2000 ; Windows XP ; Windows NT 4.0
Download Site Taiwan China 

Modem Driver
Driver Name Pctel AMR_CNR Modem Driver
Version 12.0341.0027
Release Date 2004/01/05
Update Description
Special Note
File Size 5.1MB
Support O.S Windows 98SE ; Windows Me ; Windows 2000 ; Windows XP
Download Site Taiwan China 

BIOSName BIOS for M821L(PCB:V1.2) / M821(PCB:V1.2)
Version 020812s
Release Date 2002/12/26
Update Description file name: 020812S.rom check sum: E7E1h 1.Support AMD Athlon XP 2400+ and 2600+.
File name: 020418s.rom check sum: FA66h 1.Fixed some cpu appeared @ character in CPU PnP Setup Menu.
File name: 020409s.rom check sum: CD9Eh 1.Fixed AMD CPU 1800+ frequency showed incorrect value(1500 Mhz) at summary screen of POST. 2.Fixed when some CDROM supports ATA 66 and it is connected with 40 pin cable ,It should be set and show ATA 33. 3.Fixed AMD 1700+ cpu showed incorrect value(1800+) at POST.
File name: 020312s.rom check sum: C09Eh 1.Setting Primary Graphics Adapter to PCI in CMOS Setup Menu.
File name: 020208s.rom check sum: AEA1h 1.Support AMD Athlon XP 2100+ CPU.
File name: 011206s.rom check sum: 4E75h 1.Fixed Duron Morgan 1.3 GHz CPU showed wrong frequency in CMOS SETUP Menu.
File name: 011129s.rom check sum: 6B05h 1.Adjusting some timing for AMD XP CPU.
File name: 011116s.rom check sum: 4E44h 1.Added BIOSLOCK2 function 2.Fixed there isn't CPU frequency at summary
Special Note
File Size 256K
Download Site Taiwan China 
Flash Utility
Taiwan China 
aminf342.exe  3.42   How To Flash BIOS

Language M821v12 \M821Lv12
Version v1.2a
Release Date 2002/12/24
Update Description
Special Note
File Size 472KB
Download Site Taiwan China