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Sound Driver
Driver Name C-Media Codec Sound on board driver
Version 046B02
Release Date 2004/10/15
Update Description
Special Note
File Size 21.3MB
Support O.S Windows 98 ; Windows NT 4.0 ; Windows 95
Download Site Taiwan China 

Modem Driver
Driver Name PCtel AMR/CNR Modem card driver
Version 12.0341.0027
Release Date 2004/07/07
Update Description
Special Note
File Size 5.1MB
Support O.S All Windows series
Download Site Taiwan China 

BIOSName BIOS for M841(PCB:V1.3)
Version 020828s
Release Date 2002/12/26
Update Description file name: 020828S.rom check sum: C8ADh 1.Added special ID for CM-9738 driver installation 2.Disappearing Ethernet Device in CMOS Setup Menu.
File name: 020823S.rom check sum: D7AFh 1.Fixed Duron CPU 1.4GHz hang up during Post.
File name: 020809s.rom check sum: F6B3h 1.Support AMD Athlon XP 2400+ and 2600+.
File name: 020620s.rom check sum: 34D9h 1.Fixed Duron 1G and 1.2G show incorrect message in BIOS setup.
File name: 020311s.rom check sum: 4C01h 1.Support SiS 961B.
File name: 020206s.rom check sum: ADDEh 1.Support AMD Athlon(Thoroughbred) cpu XP1800 , XP2100 , XP2200.
File name: 020129S.ROM check sum: 4803h 1.Fixed system hung up when using Athlon XP 1600+ with some SDRAM.
File name: 020118S.ROM check sum: 1B4Bh 1.Support 48-bit LBA HDD. 2.Added S.M.A.R.T. for Hard Disks option in CMOS Setup Menu 3.Fixed ATA-133 HDD can't boot issue. 4.Support USB Thumb Drive and add Thumb Drive legacy support in CMOS Setup Menu.
File name: 011219S.ROM check sum: 166D
Special Note
File Size 256K
Download Site Taiwan China 
Flash Utility
Taiwan China 
aminf342.exe  3.42   How To Flash BIOS

Language M841v13 \M841Lv13
Version v1.3
Release Date 2002/12/24
Update Description
Special Note
File Size 660KB
Download Site Taiwan China